A Typical Daily Schedule

What will the daily format/schedule be?

Our school day runs from: 8 AM - 3:00 PM Monday through Friday

*note times are subject to change and the schedule might be 8 AM until 2:30 PM for the 2021-2022 school year.

4K and 5K multi-age classrooms will have full day programming.

All school closures and holidays will follow the La Farge School District schedule.

Our sample Daily Schedule will fit the needs of each individual classroom and is subject to change.

Example Daily Schedule for 4K-5K multi-age classrooms:

8:00 Student Drop Off in loop of KVR Visitor Center

  • Teachers and Assistant Teachers greet children and families. 

  • Children transition into morning play space.

8:15 Morning Circle (seasonal songs, poems, group games)

  • (The classes may come together or each individual class may have their own circle.)

8:25 Morning Walk

  • What is new today? What does the air feel like? Who did we see on our walk?

  • Opportunity to tune into the environment, bodies, peer interactions, and for teachers to check in with individual students.      

8:45 Arrive at outdoor classroom space

  • Morning Meeting - opportunity for writing/reading and other mini-lessons

9:00 Transition into Work Time 

  • Student-directed time in which forest play, mud-kitchen, sensory materials for math,

    drawing materials, literacy materials, cooking, books, skills materials (carving, sawing, 

    fire building, knot tying, digging, raking, shoveling), climbing, etc. are available.

  • All four teachers are present (two leads, two assistants).

  • Mini lessons will be offered and conscious careful supervision and mentoring of children will take place during play.

  • Snack will be available during this time. 

10:30  Storytelling;  seasonal, cultural and relevant 

11:00 Class Lunch (possibly inside during very cold months)

11:30 Free Play or Group Games 

12:00 Rest Time in hammocks outside during warm weather or inside when windy, raining, or temps below 40 degrees. Students may read/look at books. 

1:00 Snack

1:30 Afternoon Adventure to play destination on KVR

2:45 Closing Circle

  • notes about the day; phenology calendar

  • circle of love: Sharing appreciation: What do we love about ____? (student)

  • ending song 

3:00 Departing Procedures